My Christmas House 2018

I thought it would be fun to share some photos of our Home this Christmas season! It is our first year in this house, so I had to somewhat start from scratch in figuring out what would go where. I’m more than happy with our beautiful tree. Each year I do a decent amount of research to find tips and inspiration, in the hopes it will turn out fuller and more professional looking. Most of my life goes that way, in fact. Research, dream, and execute. Anyways, welcome to our little corner, and I hope you enjoy looking around!

xoxo- Meg

Megan Pogue
Holiday 2018

We had the MOST fun shooting our Holiday line! My fabulous Sister-in-law @amberreverie took on the amazing task of styling and planning the photo shoot. It was so much fun to watch her work and bring her plan to life- while I hustled around helping to complete any task I could help with. Lindsey from @lindseystewartphotography walked in, and like the pro she is, went to work capturing these darling ladies as they played and ate cotton candy. It was a fabulously wonderful day full of more twirling than I’ve done since I was 6! I hope you enjoy the compilation I’ve put together, the colors had me swooning!

Megan Pogue
Fall 2018

Our Fall collection focuses on rich earthy tones, warm plaids, and cozy comfortable pieces that work all day long. We have also added a few women’s tops to this collection, to include versatile tunics and crop tops (perfect for layering!) We hope you enjoy this collection of photos and get some fun outfit ideas along the way!

Megan Pogue