The ones that started it all, and encouraged me to chase my dream. And all the littles that inspire my design.

The ones that started it all, and encouraged me to chase my dream. And all the littles that inspire my design.

Our Story

Hi there! My name is Meg! I'm Mama to 5 beautiful littles, and wife to the coolest guy I know. I started Canvas House Designs back in 2012, hoping to sell stuffed elephants, handkerchief bibs, and random creations on the side. After listing items for a while, I decided to close for the time being.

I spent the next few years sewing custom orders, and practicing my technique. Learning what I could and simply enjoying the creative process. In 2016, shortly after my baby girl was born, I decided to try once again, to share my passion. I started listing heirloom quality linen dresses, and baby rompers, and bibs. The response I received was so fabulous! I was thrilled to see people enjoying my work! Things have been crazy fun since then, finding new fabrics and designs to share with my amazing customers, and growing at an amazing rate! We have since expanded, and while I still sew many items on my own, we also design and source items with some fabulous companies overseas. These are made on small scale, and with great care, to ensure you get pieces you'll love for years to come. I am SO thankful for such supportive friends and customers- it has made this journey a dream come true. I hope you love it as much as I do. I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for Canvas House Designs. It has been such a blessing to me, and to my family. THANK YOU!


Quality Craftsmanship

Canvas House clothing is made with great care, and attention to detail. Only the best fabrics are used, to ensure quality and a timeless look in each of our pieces. As I have developed Canvas House clothing, I've improved each piece to the best of my ability, to include french seams, finished button holes, and quality trims. The nature of linen is such that imperfections do occur, but those imperfections add a uniqueness and character to the fabrics. My hope is that you will come to love each piece you purchase. The simple elegance will provide many opportunities for wear, from play to party, for many years to come!


Made with Love

Pieces made by Meg, are created in her home in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys sewing from her cozy office, while each of her five children drift in and out, keeping her company. In order to offer more styles, and still be a stay at home mother, Meg decided to grow her business by outsourcing a select number of styles. These other pieces are carefully designed by Meg, and then Ethically produced by small scale companies overseas. The designers we work with take extensive measures to ensure quality in every piece made- so you will be able to enjoy and pass down every Canvas House piece through generations.